to Interessenvertretung, the web presence of the chambers Sochanowski. 

The range of our services is based on econo-mic law with a strong link to transportation and shipping. Our focus is closely connected to the cross border relations of our clients.

You can certainly expect us to help you with general matters of the

  • german civil and 
  • administrative law.



Learn more about our specialization...

Besides the

  • representation of your interests by an attorney before german courts, 
  • our scope of service includes the reali-zation of your extrajudicial interests as well. 
Be it our support in negotiations with your business partners or drafting new contracts - you can count on us. 

Our self-conception obligates us to serve the client´s interests, to track and to secure them. Our advice is based on the following values:







Trust is the beginning of all effective coope-rations. An honest relationship, based on trust is mandatory for a stable long term par-tnership. You, as one of our clients, can trust in our loyal legal advice. 


The one who prepares for tomorrow makes the right decisions today. 

Good advice equals foresightedness. 

Our foresight is assured by experience, qua-lification and constant development.




If you are one of our clients, your legal needs retain the highest priority and will be dealt immediately. A rapid reaction time and first class service are just the base for an effective representation of your interests.

Your attorney is an independent organ of judicature. He is not controlled by any go-vernmental institution and is solely bound to the interests of his client. Confidentiality is the fundament of an extensive legal advice.

Discretion is therefore a professional obliga-tion.                      


Christoph Sochanowski

Heiliger Weg 11

D-44135 Dortmund

Telefon: 0049-231-84160974

Fax:      0049-231-84160975

e-Mail  info@interessen-vertretung.de





Verkehrsunfall im Ausland

Wer sich nach einem unverschuldeten Verkehrsunfall im Ausland um seine Rechte bemüht, scheitert oft schon an einer Sprachenbarriere. In diesen Fällen können wir Ihnen zum berechtigten Ersatz Ihres Schadens verhelfen.


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