The commercial law is a privilege of tradesmen, containing various deviations from the generic civil law. Amongst other things it is affected by commercial practice, a high degree of individual responsibility and freedom of design.The aberrations of the commercial code serve the simplification of commercial intercourse, helping to solve a legal dispute rapidly.The consequence of those deviations are the shortest limitation periods known from the German law and very short periods allowed for examination and sending notices of a defect or deficiency. Contract penalties are also quite popular in commercial contracts.
In case of a commercial deal it is crucial to consult a specialist on time to have the opportunity to act and to react rapidly. Even if you have managed to negotiate an important deal with your business, it is meaningful to cross check your results. This can help you to save money in the long term.
The chambers Sochanowski would be happy to support you in negotiation and design of contract related to your activity as a tradesman. Our service includes litigation.


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Verkehrsunfall im Ausland

Wer sich nach einem unverschuldeten Verkehrsunfall im Ausland um seine Rechte bemüht, scheitert oft schon an einer Sprachenbarriere. In diesen Fällen können wir Ihnen zum berechtigten Ersatz Ihres Schadens verhelfen.


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